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Broken Glass Promenade CD


The StiKman spins his tales of joy, sensuality, humor and adventure by juxtaposing singing with spoken word and set in eclectic momentary musical landscapes drawing upon a multitude of genres including punk rock, garage rock, jug-band, barbershop, delta, Chicago, Texas, and country blues, classical, heavy metal, polka, jazz, bluegrass, baroque, impressionist, modern orchestral, and beyond all in service to his storytelling.

He sings. Crooning soothingly one moment, bellowing monumentally the next. He whispers. He screams. With fluting and harmonicas converging, he paints audio landscapes with a colorful palette supported by cast of talented collaborators.

Broken Glass Promenade is a celebration of The StiKman’s eclecticism. Expect the unexpected!


1. Satyr in the Stairwell
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2. Demeter
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3. Deep Feelings
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4. Hot Pink Life
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5. Sophie
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6. Oh Bad Daddy
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7. Elvish Promenade
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8. A Postcard from Calcutta
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9. Like at the Movies
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10. Hirsute Honey
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11. Youze Gurlz
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12. Snuggle Up
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13. Well You Needn’t
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14. Broken Glass Promenade
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15. Go Away a Little Closer
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16. Hurry Up and Wait
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17. Let’s Make a Baby
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18. Running Away from Frankenstein
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19. Billie’s Vamp Phase
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20. Dr. Affectionate
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21. The Butterball and her Husband
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Alex Skolnick  Testament, Ozzy Osbourne, Trans-Siberian Orchestra     http://alexskolnick.com
David Immerglück – Counting Crows, Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker, John Hiatt
Carla Kihlstedt – Tin Hat, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Fred Frith,     http://www.carlakihlstedt.com     http://rabbitrabbitradio.com/carla/
Wally Scharold – MiRthkon     http://www.mirthkon.com
Rob Reich – Tin Hat, Secret Chiefs , Gaucho,     http://www.robreich.com
Jim Bogois – Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, Ben Folds     http://jimbogios.com
That One Guy (Mike Silverman) –  Dewey Redman    http://music.that1guy.com
James Whiton – Tom Waits. Eric Mcfadden   http://jameswhiton.wix.com/bass-man
Will Bernard – Tom Waits, Peter Apfelbaum’s Hieroglyphics Ensemble, T.J. Kirk,     http://www.willbernard.com
Dave Shamrock – Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Thinking Plague
Amy X Neuberg     http://www.amyxneuburg.com
Ralph Carney –  Tom Waits     http://unknown-ralph-carney.blogspot.com
Dominique Persi –  Stolen Babies     http://stolenbabiestheband.com
Toby Hawkins – Counting Crows, Laundry
Darling Freakhead     http://darlingfreakhead.bandcamp.com
Matt Van Der Ende – Defiance, Laaz Rockett, Neil Patrick Harris, Sammy Kershaw     http://www.mattvanderende.com
Robin Reynolds
– Nanos Operetta, Shotgun Wedding Hip-Hop Orchestra
Nicolas Dobson – Immersion Composition Society     http://www.ics-hub.org
Craig Dukes     https://www.youtube.com/LVB1770
JoJo Razor – Imager, VoxMaids     http://www.jojorazor.com
John Brooks
Amy Tobin –  Kevin Carnes, A Little Friction, Bridge Across the Blue     http://www.amytobin.com
Val Esway
 – Loretta Lynch, El Mirage     http://www.staggeringsiren.com     http://www.lorettalynch.com
Stacey Barton – Luv Props Backwash, Rabbit Choir
Lisa Robertson
Emma Rosenthal
Salane Schultz
Rebecca Seeman –  Sacred and Profane
Cynthia Taylor –  Charming Hostess, Lord Loves a Working Man    http://charminghostess.com     http://worldwideweavers.com/lullaby/index.html
Rance Fellows-Mannion
Peter Josheff
Sheila Bosco     http://www.bandmine.com/sheilabosco
Micaela Superstar     http://bluntletters.tumblr.com
Tom Pope

Dave Yoost
Bill Barnes – the Tongues, 501 Spanish Verbs     https://myspace.com/tongues
Ted Ballantine
Karina Eff
Dan MaCassy
Kimmy Fennell
Clare Hedin  
John Weeks
Gabrielle Curry
Bobby Madness
SuzieQ Sharky
Special Thanks:
Ralph Cooksey-Talbott
Kristen Fairfield
Billy Herman
Jenya Chernoff,
Ayelet Donner