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POLYMORPH RECORDING is an audio house specializing in tracking, mixing, mastering, voice-over recording, rehearsal, home DAW installation, restoration and consultation.
Owner/Engineers Mark Stikman and Dan Rathbun have more than 40 years combined experience working with a variety of musical styles and program material including rock, jazz, acoustic, electronic, commercial spots for radio, voice-overs, and film soundtracks.

Polymorph is the Recording Studio in California’s East Bay that continues to earn rave reviews from local musicians and corporations.
Polymorph combines highly personalized service and professional know-how with state-of-the-art recording studio equipment to help you create exactly the sound you want.
Whether you need to record a demo, a vocal track, or an entire album, Polymorph is the recording studio where your project will receive complete and personal attention from conception through final completion.

Want to record some of your tracks at home ?
We can help you set up and teach you to navigate a Digital Audio Workstation at home!
That’s right! This Doctor does house calls!

Located at 2215 Prince Street in historic Berkeley, California, Polymorph is just a hop and a skip to the Ashby BART Station.

Polymorph is equipped with a variety of analog and Digital formats.
Analog: Polymorph features an AMPEX 1200, 24-track 2-inch Analog Tape deck. We also have available a number of legacy analog formats such as 16-track-1-inch, 8-track-1/2inch, and 1/4inch-2-track. Digital: Polymorph features 32. 24-bit input converters with the availability of well over 100 tracks per project (i.e., per song).
Software: Polymorph features Digital Performer.
Logic, and Pro Tools are also available.
Our Studio offers an extensive collection of vintage microphones, sophisticated processing gear, musical instruments and an experienced, professional staff dedicated to excellence.

Ralph Carney,  Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Faun Fables, Melvin Van Peebles, Papa’s Culture, the Monks of Doom. Eric McFadden, His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, Schlong, Uz Jsme Doma, Laudanum, Damad, and many more.

We are interested in working with you and your budget.

Would you like to track in front of a live audience? Our tracking room is big enough to stage a live performance with nearly 200 people in attendance. Please contact us for specials and seasonal packages.
The (Mark) Stikman – studio manager, producer, composer, and engineer 510.830.8282

Monitorimg: TANNOY GOLD COAXIAL 15-inch wall mounted speakers -DYN-AUDIO self-powered monitors – more.
Signal Processing: UREI 1176  – UREI 1178 – UREI LA-22  – UREI LA-12 – UREI LA-4 – SPECTRASONICS 610 Peak limiters – more.
Effects: Lexicon PCM60 – Lexicon 200L – Lexicon PCM70 – PCM 42 – PCM 41 – Yamaha SPX 90 – MXR Flanger – ORBAN spring reverb – more! more! more!