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Let’s Make A Baby – a The StiKman film

Woo Hoo! Looka me! I’m on the youtube !

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Help The StiKman find a home

  Help The StiKman. He’s adrift. He needs a new place to live. The jackboots of real estate development are marching! They are tearing down the building he has lived in for the last 6 years to make Condominiums. He moved there when his previous place of 15 years went condo. How long can he row? I don’t know […]

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Erin Honey Greenwell

  On July 13, 2014 we recorded basic tracks for Erin Honey Greenwell’s upcoming EP. Keep your eyes and ears out for that in the coming months.   Photos and iphone movie by Moorea Dickason producer (and singer of MoeTar). None of us id-jits thought to snap one of the very photogenic Mo, herself.   […]

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Moths Mean Business

I was working in Polymorph, my audio studio, which was located in North Oakland, in a neighborhood now referred to as “Temescal.” My studio, with its fortified, lead-lined walls was like a bunker. “A safe place to be in case of atomic war”, folks who spent a lot of time there, often used to joke. […]

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A Tale of T-Bone and The StiKman

It was 1973, I sat in with T-Bone Walkler on harmonica on the first night of a three night T-Bone Walker engagement at Vassar College. He liked me (or my playing) and asked if I would be interested in joining up and would I come back tomorrow night and play with him the whole night? […]

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A New PolymoRph is BoRn!

PolymoRph is on the mOve! The new Polymorph Recording Studio is housed in a building that also contains Chochmat Halev! http://chochmat.org We’ve brought some of our beloved vintage stuff!   Who built these structures? And for what purpose? a primitive calendar? a center of worship? A new Polymorph is born! …Its a recording studio! It’s a […]

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PolymOrph was there! And It Was Good!

  When we arrived at what became Polymorph in Temescal, it was comprised of three storage sheds. We replaced the roof with a more heavy duty structure, replaced the corrugated metal walls/doors with a stucco exterior, insulated, and lined with lead.           We reinforced all of the other bearing walls for […]

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Polymorph Bugs Out

Does New Growth in Temescal Alley Mean the end of Polymorph Recording?   Freely adapted from an article by Rachel Swan. Temescal’s retail corridor appears to be thriving, but its first tenant may be an unfortunate casualty. It was one of those languid fall afternoons and all the small boutique shops were open for business […]