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Erin Honey Greenwell


On July 13, 2014 we recorded basic tracks for Erin Honey Greenwell’s upcoming EP. Keep your eyes and ears out for that in the coming months.


Photos and iphone movie by Moorea Dickason producer (and singer of MoeTar). None of us id-jits thought to snap one of the very photogenic Mo, herself.


sightings_02Erin singing her herart out.



David Flores (known to MoeTar fans) drumming at Polymorph.


sightings_03Looking in at The Stikman and assistant engineer Tristan Baccus at the Board in the control room at Polymorph.


sightings_09Tarik and Dave grooving at the ‘morph.


sightings_05Tarik tugging the Polymorph bass.


sightings_06Polymorph air captured through room microphones.


sightings_07Polymorph’s control room from behind the speakers.


sightings_08Polymorph piano and some of Dave’s snare drums collection.


sightings_09Tristan looking out at Tarik and Dave.







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  1. JoJo Razor says:
    Love these images!
    Love these images!

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